About Us

Kids in our program are provided with a 30+ hour a week, 12-month schedule whose primary focus is on targeting behaviors and teaching the prerequisite skills needed to advance behaviorally, intellectually and socially. The program has been specifically and thoughtfully designed to help special needs kids develop the functional life skills and social skills they need to succeed in less restrictive life and educational environments.

As part of our individualized approach to meeting their development, all our children are eligible for and will receive intensive:

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (“ABA”) and therapeutic behavior support from clinicians with their LBA, BCBA, BCABA, & RBT certifications
  • Speech Language Pathology (SLP) with a licensed Speech Language Pathologist (CCC-SLP)
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) with a registered and licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR/L)
  • Physical Therapy (PT) with a licensed Physical Therapist (PT or DPT)
  • Art Therapy with a Licensed Creative Art Therapist (LCAT)
  • Individual and Group Music Therapy with a Board-Certified Music Therapist (BC-MT)
  • Literacy Services with a Certified Literacy Specialist
  • Individual and Small Group Instruction with a Certified Teacher
  • Adaptive physical education
  • Curriculum aligned with Common Core© standards and adapted to meet individual needs
  • Frequent individualized parent/team meetings
  • Frequent individualized evaluations and reports outlining goals, progress & recommendations

Children are provided 1:1 support within a small group setting that appears very much like a traditional classroom for behavioral and instructional purposes. Activities are created for each child by State Certified Special Education Teachers in collaboration with their entire multi-disciplinary team.

Learning objectives are based on Common Core© standards and are differentiated to meet each child’s individual goals. Children may also participate in discrete academic learning groups for math, reading, writing, science, social studies/history and health. These groups are led by certified teachers and include familiar and novel peers working at the same academic level, with content derived from ongoing assessments.

Each child’s individual education program (“IEP”) is always fully met.

Mission Statement

Our first priority is to keep our students safe and regulated while enhancing their lives and independence through the acquisition of skills, knowledge and self-assurance while never forgetting how much patience, love and dedication play a part in serving those with special needs.

At the core of our mission and embedded in both our guiding principles and everything we do is the idea that every student deserves an appropriate education that advances his/her capabilities in order to succeed in a school environment and beyond the classroom. Abiding by that view requires our teachers, therapists, vocational specialists and transition programmers to work collaboratively with each other and with school districts to share responsibility for ensuring that those with identified disabilities meet with success—because every student can be taught when instruction is designed for their needs and they are given the proper care they need to learn.

In our effort to reestablish a school similar to Giant Steps in Connecticut, we are maintaining the same core program and personnel in order to continue servicing Giant Steps children in the same way that Giant Steps has successfully for so many years. More specifically, special education at Hubbard comprises individually created programming that meets each student’s unique needs and includes: special education instruction; social, emotional and medical support; related services, including occupational, physical and speech therapy; applied behavioral analysis (“ABA”); as well as vocational and transitional training—all administered by certified special ed teachers, licensed therapists, Board Certified Behavioral Analysts (“BCBAs”), Registered Behavioral Technicians (“RBTs”) and/or paraprofessionals. The results are bespoke programs that fully meet each student’s Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) and enable them to appropriately develop.

While we are unable to purchase Giant Steps outright, we have moved into an expansive property and schoolhouse where we have situated our newly reformed special education program, and it will afford us significant room for growth.

Who We Are

We are an operator of an alternative educational program that has been serving the special needs community since 2003. Our program provides intensive support for children with autism and related behavioral and developmental disorders and serves as school for students who currently cannot succeed in more mainstream special ed environments. We are among the most restrictive support programs available. Our student to teacher ratio is 1:1 such that each child has an individual therapist, clinician or teacher with them for every moment of the school day working on behaviors, academics, speech, physical or occupational therapy, music life or social skills and academics.

Our multi-disciplinary, team-centered approach employs the most effective and evidence-based therapies and learning programs available for special needs kids. It is individually designed and tailored for each child after comprehensive assessments by neuropsychologists, licensed therapists, certified special ed teachers and board certified behavior analysts. The results are meaningful gains in life and social skills, behaviors and academics, personal safety and self-awareness as well as independence and autonomy. We have a successful track record advancing children so that many can matriculate into more mainstream, less restrictive educational environments over a period of time.